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Tateh AquaBiz gives a head start in aquaculture

Pasay City, PHILIPPINES – 14 October 2015 – Santeh Feeds Corporation is launching 

today Tateh AquaBiz, an app that gives those interested in aquaculture a head start on 

the business at their fingertips.

Tateh AquaBiz is packed with features that tackle different aspects of the aquaculture 

business. Don’t know what kind of species to raise? AquaBiz can help you choose the 

right one for you. Clueless as to where to get the stock? AquaBiz points out sources of 

quality fry, fingerlings and post larvae, and gives you access to aquaculture equipment 

and inputs suppliers. It also keeps you on top of current market information and the 

latest weather, tide levels and even dam levels. 

Most importantly, AquaBiz can help you calculate the daily feed requirement for your 

species, which will help you avoid underfeeding as well as overfeeding that would lead 

to losses and pollution. With feed accounting for 70% of production cost, it is critical that 

you know your feed conversion ratio (FCR), and the app’s FCR calculator lets you 

check how much of the feed has actually been converted into fish. 

Tateh Aquabiz is currently on the Android platform and will be available to download for 

free via the Google Play Store. For additional information and to learn how Aquabiz can 

work for you, come visit us at Booth No. 50 at Agrilink 2015 happening on October 15-

17, 2015 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. 

Santeh Feeds Corporation began manufacturing Tateh Aquafeeds in 1990 and for over 

20 years has been on the forefront of the aquaculture business. In addition to its feeds 

for traditional fish species like Tilapia, Milkfish and Shrimp, it has pioneered the 

production of Marine Fish Feeds (Grouper, Pompano, Seabass and Snapper), 

Crustaceans (Crab and Freshwater Shrimp) and of Fresh Water Fish Feeds (Koi, Carp 

and Catfish). In 2012, the company was recognized as the most innovative feed 

producer in Asia when it won the Asian Feed Miller Award. 


Technical Contact:

Daniel Cabrera

Sales Manager - Luzon 

Mobile : 0917 7915478

Email : 

Marketing Contact:

Dennis Rito 

Marketing Coordinator 

Mobile : 0917 5652586

Email :

Friday, October 16, 2015

Philippine Payroll Software to Help Businesses Grow

If you are working, one of the most important element for you is receiving your salary accurately and on time.  Is there a Philippine payroll software that can actually do that especially now that businesses is facing greater challenges locally and regionally.

With the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community and the ASEAN integration businesses would have to compete not only with local companies but also with competitors in the ASEAN region not only with their products but with their employees as well.  This is the main reason why businesses should already be upgrading their system and looking for ways to improve business processes.

Payroll is one of the most important business process but most of the time the way that it is being done is mostly overlooked. In 1999, Mustard Seed Systems Corporation developed an in-house Payroll software – Philippine Payroll Software out of its own need to improve its payroll system.

Fast forward to 16 years, the Philippine Payroll Software had been used by more than 2,000 companies in the Philippines.  The basic version with a single (1) use licence and allows a maximum of 100 employees is already equipped with the following:

  • Updated Government Tables
  • Complies with RA 9504 New Tax Law
  • Diskette Submission: Bank, SSS, PHIC, Pag-ibig, Alphalist
  • Computes 13th month pay, bonuses, and quit claim
  • Prints Payslip, Journal Entries for Integration to Accounting System
  • Free Biometric Timekeeping Device (model H5)
  • Free 1day Training for 1 person (MSSC Training Center)
  • Free PRIORITY SUPPORT! Email support and updates within Dec 2015
  • At a cost of just Php25,900 you do not just get the payroll software but you also get a FREE Biometric Timekeeping Device that will enable you to work with your payroll system more accurately.

Philippine Payroll Software is perhaps one of the most recommended payroll systems in the Philippines coming with a basic, standard, professional and enterprise versions. For more information regarding this payroll system please contact +63(2)535-SEED / 63(2)535-7333 or e-mail

For more information:

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Urbanista: A Tribute to Urban Lifestyle

Urbanista: A Tribute to Urban Lifestyle

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Urbanista came out of a vision to glorify the urban lifestyle and create products that make life better for modern people in urban developments. We design for life in motion.  Every product in the Urbanista portfolio is developed to serve a need for the target group - the Urbanistas. Within the tight portfolio, the offering is wide. The retail environment shall clearly show the most relevant product for each consumer. The Urbanista products are meant to be life companions. Therefore they are developed with design and colors in focus. The products should not only enhance the life of the Urbanistas with the functions, but also the looks.  

Urbanista is launching in the Philippines, really soon! Familiarize yourself with the different Urbanista earphones:

Balanced for music and talk
Why compromise? If you’re looking for earphones for both music and phone calls, you’ve finally found them. For the everyday use for, suitable for anyone.

·         Ergonomic design
·         Suitable for music and talk
·         Handsfree with mic
·         Value for money

For simplicity seekers
Made in a classic but revamped earphone design. Soft rubber ring around the earbud to create comfort and good fit.

·         Recognized design
·         Fits most people
·         Handsfree with mic

For the urban athlete
With Rio, we´re raising the bar for how really good sport earphones should sound, feel and cost. The GoFit silicone wing guarantees an ergonomic and secure fit even in the most challenging and wet circumstances. The sound is optimized with clear sound and strong bass to boost your performance with your favorite beats.

·         GoFit silicone wing which fits securely in your ears.
·         Water resistant (IPX5)
·         Handsfree with mic
·         Light construction

For freedom seeking athlete.
At the gym or in the street. Every beat, clarity without compromise. Urbanista Boston sport earphones with Bluetooth gives you the freedom to really move

·         Wireless Bluetooth connection.
·         GoFit silicone wing fits securely in ears.
·         Water resistant (IPX5).
·         Light earpbuds.
·         Handsfree with mic.

For uncompromising music lovers
 In the studio. At the concert or club. Urbanista Ibiza high performance earphones make you feel as if you were really there. Every note, precision without compromise.

·         Heavy bass with uncompromising clarity.
·         Ergonomic design with GoFit for secure fit.
·         Handsfree with volume control and mic.

For the expressive music lovers
Miami is a classic foldable mid-size headphone that comes in several
vibrant colours. The frame’s flexibility, the soft headband and ear pads allow the headphones to rest comfortably on your ears. The Urbanista logo, carved from aluminum,

·         Comfortable, foldable & affordable
·         Strong bass and clear sound
·         Handsfree with mic

For the design devotees
The Urbanista crown jewel. Made in brushed aluminum in a style as sharp and fresh as your own. These premium mid-size headphones carry music with dashing clarity
and tonal accuracy that’ll make your listening experience a treasure trove of musical enjoyment.

·         Unique and exclusive aluminum design
·         Supreme audio clarity with dynamic bass
·         Soft headband with enclosed adjustability
·         Handsfree with mic

"Geeking Tom Shirt Wars" Contest

Founded on July 2013, a group of obsessive nerds that love cool shirts based on pop-culture decided to make their own brand and show off their love for all things geek - Geeking Tom was born. Our tagline is, "Level-up your t-shirt game" because the goal is to stop t-shirt mediocrity and promote originality.

Geeking Tom is all about being proud and showing off things that (we) geeks love - comics, games, fandoms and more - through awesome shirts. Our shirts are 100% cotton, thick and durable, yet comfortable to wear. The designs are screen-printed to ensure the best quality for every shirt printed. Currently, Geeking Tom shirts are available online and through our retail partners Dyce and Dyne (Pasig), and Parafreaq(San Juan)

To join, the artist must submit his/her original design via e-mail to with the subject, "Geeking Tom Shirt Wars". Each entry must include the participants full name, e-mail address, contact number, and the title of their entry. Multiple entries are allowed, but must be submitted separately.

Special promo 15% percent discount when you purchase a Geeking Tom shirt online. Use “InfoManilaXParaGee” as your promocode.

The Quezon City 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary

The 75th Jubilee Anniversary of Quezon City

Last October 10, the municipality of Quezon City invited me as one of the bloggers to attend and write about their 75th Jubilee Anniversary celebration. As part of the program, I need to visit the different places of Quezon City for me to explore and discover the rich culture of the City.

As scheduled, I met them around 12 o’clock in a sunny afternoon at the Quezon City Hall. As we wait for the other bloggers to come, the event committee decided to divide us into a three groups with each different itinerary program. I belong to the group that will be going to La Mesa Ecopark, Erehwon Centre for the Arts and Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center.

At exactly 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the van departed from the Quezon City Hall and went into our first destination. It was a nice 20-minute ride coming from Quezon City Hall to La Mesa Ecopark including the traffic. Immediately as we landed at the place, the welcoming fresh air of the Ecopark greeted us. All groups have a tour guide, in our team his name is Mr. Donito, which will help us in knowing more about the place.

It was my first time to go inside La Mesa Ecopark and I am very surprised on how well they keep up the park in its good shape even though it was self-sufficient when it comes to providing its daily maintenance needs.

At the time, we visit the Ecopark there are many people inside of it, the people are very lively as some do their company team building in that location, some use the location to snap and shoot pictures for a pre-nuptial wedding and some just hang around to relax.

 As we continue to explore the place, it was clear that the park does not only provide fresh air to the people, but they also have recreational activity for the visitors to try out like zipline, bungee jumping, and a shooting range. They also have animals that are roaming around in the place, like horse, chicken, and a squirrel. After an hour, we finally arrive into the last part of the ecopark, which is an amphitheatre.

The tour in La Mesa Ecopark exhausted me a lot, as it requires a lot of walking to roam around the place. Additional helpful information when you are planning to visit the location: Do not forget to bring extra clothes and water, as you will perspire a lot on the course of your tour.
            We arrived in our next destination almost quarter to the four. Erehwon Centre is located at Old Balara, Quezon City. They said that the area was a former factory place of the infamous Loafman’s bread back in the 80’s. We have met with Mr. Benitez the owner of place as an introductory to begin our tour in Erehwon. According to Mr. Benitez, the primary purpose of the establishment is to serve, as the art hub location in Quezon City that made available for the all artists here in the Philippines. The place has a welcoming kind of atmosphere and it even more magnified by their being hospitable to us.

            Inside the lobby, I saw a large painting of a Datu riding a boat together with various Filipino artifacts inside of it. They said that it was a collaboration work of various Filipino artists as a way to help to promote our beloved country thru painting. After a little introduction by the host, we then go ahead in our next place. Erehwon CafĂ© is great locations to hang out if you want to see some of our talented Filipino artists perform. After we finish touring the first floor area, we then go ahead into the second floor.
            On the second floor of the building, I saw their dance studio and the corporate office of Erehwon. Erehwon is not limited to support one kind of Arts but it also supports all kinds of medium to further expand & create more Filipino Arts that includes dancing, music, and all kinds of visual arts.

            As we transition from second floor to the third floor, I saw this staircase beautifully painted by this black and white paint that mimics a deep sleep scenario of a normal person.
According to them, one of their artists decided to use the staircase as his canvass to create his next artwork and on the next day “viola”, it was already created.

            The third floor of the building has a rehearsal room for an orchestra rehearsal. They said that the famous artist Sir David Pomeranz once visit Erehwon to do his orchestra rehearsal in that place. The room is equipped with various orchestra instruments and the facility is a very good venue to conduct a practice for a musical performance. The third floor also has a room for the artists to rest.

           Finally, we reach the top floor of the building where we saw a commemoration display of the late Mr. Nick Joaquin one of our national artists. In the next room, we saw the place where they create a head sculpture of some of the prominent people in the Philippines; some of the people who I recognize are Mayor Herbert Bautista, Mr. Henry Sy and the late Sir Jesse Robredo.

              We finished the tour at exactly 5 o’clock and headed back to the City Hall. The Quezon City was very exciting to explore and it was very enjoyable meeting other bloggers, which have the same interest in knowing more about the City of Quezon.

For more information about the place :

La Mesa EcoparkAddress: La Mesa Dam Compound | Greater Lagro,Quezon City, Luzon 1118PhilippinesPhone Number: +63 2 430-5207
Erehwon Center for the ArtsArt Center
Address: #1 Don Francisco St., Villa Beatriz,
Old Balara, Quezon City, 1119 Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 384 3507

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