Friday, September 16, 2016

On your mark, get set, go! Gatorade Run is back for its second year

Manila, Philippines – The world’s number one sports drink, in partnership with Runrio, will once again hit the road for the second year of the Gatorade Run.

It will be held on November 27, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. The run will have two distances—11K and 22K.

More than 6,000 runners registered in last year’s run which featured hydration stations where participants got pre-race hydration drinks, a post-run hydration test area where runners instantly learned about their hydration status, and a warm-up area where free sessions were available for those who wanted a full-on warm up activity before and after the run. Gatorade ambassadors Jeron Teng, Jaja Santiago, Chris Banchero, Jett Manuel and Ara Galang were among those who were present to support the runners.

This year’s run promises to be more exciting, while still focusing on the importance of pre- and post-run hydration. Pepsico Marketing Manager for Hydration Tony Atayde said, “Gatorade is a global leader in sports performance and we’ll definitely bring that expertise to the run. Learning the benefits of proper hydration is crucial for runners and we look forward to reinforcing that message through the Gatorade Run.  We’re excited to show runners how, whether in sports hydration or a unique consumer experience, NOTHING BEATS GATORADE.”

Registration for the Gatorade Run 2016 will start on September 12. Log on to for updates and to register.

On its 9th year, PLDT Gabay Guro continues to reach higher heights

Building the nation one teacher at a time

Nine years ago, a small group of like-minded PLDT executives banded together over coffee for an advocacy for teachers. With a common dream of being a catalyst of change in the lives of teachers, Gabay Guro was born and became the CSR arm under the PLDT-Smart Foundation.

What transpired after that fateful day revolutionized education-based advocacy efforts in so many levels giving birth to a holistic approach that was anchored on the now famous Gabay Guro pillars - Scholarships, Trainings, Housing and Educational Facilities, Livelihood Programs, Broadbanding and Computerization, and Teachers’ Tribute.

Gabay Guro managed to write off mediocrity since then, championing excellence and  paying tribute to teachers all over the country (and nearby countries) by bringing attention to their heroic deeds and at the same time, providing them with the necessary tools to contribute to the change in the lives of their students and their families.

To this day, Gabay Guro managed to thrive on volunteerism – mostly among the ranks of the executives from PLDT and Smart.

Nine years after, Gabay Guro has over 1,100 scholars in various state colleges and universities nationwide. There are over 300 LET passers, 496 active scholars as of August, 2016 and a projected 167 graduates in 2017. Gabay Guro also celebrates the fact that 137 scholars graduated with honors – 112 cum laudes  and 25 magna cum laudes.  Gabay Guro has also partnered with local government units to further teacher education.

The foundation has conducted trainings for over 16,000 teachers in the course of its nine years. Today, it runs eight training programs for teachers around the country namely: Teacher’s Treasure Chest; English Proficiency Training; Computer Literacy; Emotional Intelligence; Teacher’s Armor; Leadership Training; IT Sustainability and Literacy; and Unleashing Creativity in Teaching. At the same time, Gabay Guro answers to the needs of the times by doing grassroots anti-drugs trainings in schools.

Gabay Guro’s initiative on Broadband and Computerization has had great impact nationwide.  All partner-schools were recipients of either computers/laptop or internet connections from PLDT or Smart.

Knowing that shortage of educational facilities is a major disaster area in the Philippine education system, Gabay Guro has taken the cudgels in the construction of classrooms in the provinces, mostly those that have been hit by debilitating calamities. There is over 40 classrooms constructed and donated already in the ff. provinces: Cebu, Bohol, Leyte and Capiz.

Gabay Guro has grown to be the force that it is today. Whereas in the beginning, there were only a couple of thousand member-teachers under its stable, 2016 sees 20,000-strong membership (and growing!) at its helm and has easily taken over the leadership, the one that sets the bar of service, in all education-related NGOs around the nation.

Ms. Chaye Revilla and the Gabay Guro team of visionaries with her in the foundation, were propelled by this belief: “our nation’s children depend on our nation’s teachers to lead them to the future. And this teachers’ month, Gabay Guro gives tribute to those who teach the next generation of nation-builders.”

The pinnacle of Gabay Guro’s celebration is embodied in the tribute event held every year at the MOA Arena. Year after year, the organizers leave no stone unturned ensuring that it is in Gabay Guro where teachers get to be treated like royalty. Generosity at its finest, raffle prizes have grown to be the staggering house and lot and vehicle showcases and livelihood opportunities that they are today in every Gabay Guro tribute event.

The Gabay Guro’s 9th Teacher’s Tribute this year, the biggest gathering of the country’s celebrities, will not disappoint on Sept. 25 at the MOA Arena. Stellar names set to give the teachers the time of their lives on this day are Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Gary Valenciano, Pops Fernandez, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Ms. Lea Salonga and Mega star Ms. Sharon Cuneta and more surprise guests on the big day.

This is the day where our teachers get to let their hair loose, meet the biggest celebrities, be treated to a whole day of entertainment and huge raffle prizes beginning with house and lot and vehicles., anything to remind them of their invaluable presence in our lives.

This year’s event is made possible through the help of the ff. sponsors: Perry’s Group of Companies (for the house and lot), Foton for the (Gratour Van),  Intel, Devant, Motorlandia (for the Honda and Suzuki motorcyles), Ropali,  Penshoppe, National Bookstore, Enchanted Kingdom, Splash, Tempra, Flanax, Bonamine, Vivalyte, Mundipharma, Gardenia, Bic, Art Attack, Microsoft, Smart Bro, Ultera, Talk N Text and 51 Talk.

The PLDT Gabay Guro grand tribute event is exclusive for teachers only. Admission is free. Follow Gabay Guro on Facebook, twitter and Instagram at @PLDTGabayGuro or visit the Gabay Guro official website for more details.

 PLDT Gabay Guro executive volunteers Gary Dujali and Chaye Cabal-Revilla talk about the upcoming activities which will help build the nation one teacher at a time.

 PLDT Gabay Guro executive volunteer Chaye Cabal-Revilla shares what to look forward to in the 9th TeacherFest tribute on September 25.

Acclaimed singer Jona Viray gives a preview of the world-class performances to expect in the grand gathering with her smashing rendition of “Hero”.


One of today’s most in-demand celebrities, Matteo Guidicelli, is featured in the latest television commercial of Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) And get this: there’s not just one, but two Matteos going up against each other.

The TVC shows two Matteos with strikingly opposite tactics: one tries to impress by bragging his material possessions, including a new phone and a credit card, while the other woos her by promising a brighter future together with the help of the Sun Life Prosperity Card.   

The Sun Life Prosperity Card is an investment card worth P5,000 which may be invested in any of the peso-denominated mutual funds managed by SLAMCI under its Sun Life Prosperity Funds. The first of its kind in the market, it has revolutionized mutual funds investing in the country.

“We wanted SLAMCI’s new TVC to encourage the audience to begin their investing journey with the Sun Life Prosperity Card because it’s an easy and convenient way to start building one’s brighter future,” explained SLAMCI president Valerie Pama. “By investing in mutual funds, one can make his money work harder for him, as against simply leaving all of it in the bank.”

To illustrate this point, Pama shared that a 91-day time deposit in a bank 10 years ago would have given 28% return; but for the same period, the Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund grew by 66%, while the money invested in the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund would have earned 155%. Meanwhile, an investment in the Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund gained 221%.

“This is exactly why we want Filipinos, especially the youth, to start investing some of their money in mutual funds,” Pama said. “Instead of using up all of one’s money on trendy items that will soon be replaced by a new fad, why not invest it for the long term and watch it grow? The two Matteos in our TVC certainly highlighted that message in fun yet clear manner.”

For his part, Matteo said he had fun portraying two different personas. “It’s the first time I did such a project, and I definitely enjoyed playing both roles,” he said. “But what’s important is that we were able to bring home the message. It’s fun to have nice material things and be on YOLO mode, but what will happen to you if all your money runs out and you have nothing saved for the long-term?”

And if there’s one thing that Matteo knows, it’s that some things are definitely worth the wait. “Whether I’m doing sports or working on a showbiz project, I know that I need to be patient before I could see the results. Training for a competition takes time, and so does shooting a movie or recording an album. It’s the same thing when you invest your money – you have to grow it long-term before you can enjoy the benefits,” he explained. “You may have to wait a bit, but it’s always, always worth it!”

Catch SLAMCI’s latest TVC featuring Matteo Guidicelli on cable TV. To learn more about the Sun Life Prosperity Card and how you can start investing for a brighter future, visit

Jollibee’s Crispy Fries get zesty new flavor the whole barkada will love

Savory BBQ variant now available that’s sweet, smoky, with a spicy kick!
Actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith joins the Jolly #FriendsFries

Make room for the newest barkada favorite—the Jolly Crispy Savory BBQ Fries! Made with 100% real potatoes and sprinkled with a special blend of flavorings, the Savory BBQ fries pack a thrilling intensity with every bite. Perfect for pairing with other Jollibee treats or enjoyed on its own, the Jolly Crispy Savory BBQ Fries offer a zesty combination of sweet-smoky, with a spicy kick for a true flavorventure, only from the country’s number one fastfood brand.

“One of Jollibee’s missions is to find new flavors to thrill modern Filipino palates,” said Francis E. Flores, Jollibee Global Chief Marketing Officer and Philippine Head of Marketing. “The new Jolly Crispy Savory BBQ Fries is definitely the ideal snack and meal complement for foodies and adventurers who are always looking for new discoveries, activities, and flavors to share during bonding moments with their families and friends.”

Rounding up the Jolly #FriendsFries crew
Aside from a new exciting flavor added to the Jolly Crispy Fries roster, the fastfood brand is welcoming actress and host Jasmine Curtis-Smith to the growing Jollibee family.

“I’m ecstatic and over the moon,” gushed the 22-year-old actress. “Six years into my career and my dream of working with Jollibee finally happened. Everyone loves the brand and to be the face of something that I genuinely and naturally love makes me feel very thankful.”

The Filipino-Australian Jasmine has a truly Pinoy palate, with an innate fondness for Jollibee. “We’ve always been a family that loves Jollibee,” she related. “My mom gave me a Jolly Kids Party, and even when we were living in Australia we craved for Jollibee, and there were no branches there yet!”

“So when we were in the States, pinuntahan pa rin namin ‘yung Jollibee sa Los Angeles kahit na I was moving to the Philippines,” said Jasmine. “It’s like a landmark that you have to visit, especially if you’re Filipino.”

Jasmine is joining DJ and TV host Nikko Ramos, as well as YouTube vloggers Wil Dasovich and Janina Vela as key influencers for the Jolly Crispy Flavored Fries campaign. Dasovich and Vela led the product’s launch campaign in April 2016.

As one of the first few who tried the Savory BBQ fries ahead of the entire nation, the actress is excited for her family, friends, and fans to spice up their meals and merienda with the new product. “I’m always looking for something savory to eat,” admitted Jasmine. “These fries hit the right spots. I always look for the taste in food e, and how good it feels when I eat it!”

“The Jolly #FriendsFries represent the quintessential Pinoy barkada that loves to explore new things together,” added Flores. “They also love exciting new flavors that complement their super-fun personalities!”

Flavor up your next barkada bonding
The Savory BBQ variant is available in all Jollibee branches in Metro Manila starting September 5, 2016. Barkadas from all over the Philippines can flavor up their ultimate bonding moments starting September 12 for Luzon andSeptember 19 for Visayas and Mindanao.
The Jolly Crispy Fries is also available in Super Cheese, and for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru transaction in three sizes: Regular (P40.00*), Large (P65.00*), and for those who can’t get enough, Extra Large (P80.00*).

To see Jasmine Curtis-Smith and the Jolly #FriendsFries in action, watch the videos below or like, follow @BestFriendJollibee on Instagram, and @Jollibee on Twitter and Snapchat.

*Prices may vary across different store locations.

VIRAL: Latest #KwentongJollibee “Kahera” tugs at the heartstrings of Pinoys

Jollibee premieres yet another episode to its heart-warming series for Grandparent’s Day

Jollibee, the country’s number one fast food chain, produces another made-for-digital material that pays tribute to the never-ending love and support grandparents shower their apos.

In the span of 150 seconds, “Kahera” shows the story of a young restaurant cashier’s seemingly awkward encounters with an elderly customer. The older woman never fails to comment on the young cashier’s every move; from her crooked nameplate to the way she speaks, no details seem to escape the older woman’s scrutiny. The video concludes with a touching revelation that sometimes, one does not need to look far for guidance and love.

Inspired by real-life experiences of Jollibee customers, the Kwentong Jollibee campaign recounts the many heartwarming stories of Filipinos, whose special moments are made more memorable by this well-loved Pinoy brand.

Kahera” is the latest addition to the roster of relatable stories in the Kwentong Jollibee series. Previous video releases include “Almusal,” “Tagpuan,” “Jabee,” “Mama’s Girl” for Mother’s Day, and “Entrance Exam” for Father’s Day, which illustrated a variety of truly Pinoy experiences involving the ones that matter the most: loved ones, good food, and consistently thoughtful signature Alagang Jollibee.

“We are very excited to share the newest addition to our Kwentong Jollibee series,” said Francis Flores, Jollibee Global Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s definitely a delight to discover how Jollibee has actually touched the lives of Pinoys all over the world in more ways than one. The stories we have shared so far shows the enduring relationship that Pinoys have with their favorite fast-food chain and we are more than happy to unearth more of these as we go along.”

With over four million views and over a hundred thousand shares, "Kahera" achieved viral status just 24 hours after being uploaded on Facebook.

Watch “Kahera” below and remember to give your lolos and lolas a tight hug this Grandparents’ Day and thank them for always being there to cheer you on no matter what.

For more of Jollibee’s Kwentong Jollibee series, visit Jollibee Philippines Facebook page ( ) or their official YouTube channel (

UV Care Sterilizers now available in PH

Tested, safe and effective, UV Care kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

Clean doesn’t always mean safe. The outbreak of flu and other diseases are rampant due to the high humidity in today’s weather which provides optimal conditions for the reproduction of various bacteria and viruses. This rainy season, keep your home and workplace dirt-free, hygienic and safe from harmful diseases. Whether you are a germaphobe, caring parent, responsible business owner or just someone who values health and safety, UV Care Sterilizers are your best line of defense these days.

About UV Care and its technology
Ultraviolet (UV) rays come in various forms depending on the wavelength. There are three types of UV rays: UV-A which causes suntan (or sunburn), medium-wave UV-B which is used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and short-wave UV-C is germicidal type.
UV Care is a provider of germicidal solutions with products that use UV-C exposure through lamps. All products are guaranteed to use UV-C light without harmful ozone (O3) gas. UV-C is one of only few innovations that can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (including Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Meningitis, Measles, Pneumonia, H1N1, E. Coli, MRSA and HIV) as well as mold, dust mites, fleas, bed bugs and their eggs, sterilizing the surface and surrounding air.

Products and services
The flagship product is the heavy-duty Room Sterilizer, ideal for home, school, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, salons, movie theaters, hotels and restrooms, among others. It ensures that harmful pathogens do not grow and spread on air and room surfaces including hard-to-reach crevices and ceilings. UV Care Room Sterilizer won’t damage equipments, delicate fabrics or beddings; it will just kill germs and eliminate odor while leaving no harmful residue. UV Care technicians will train new users on how to operate the sterilizers to ensure optimal safety. It operates
in enclosed spaces so there is no exposure to people. UV Care Room Sterilizer serves as a great investment catering to sanitation and health safety. In the long run, it will save a household or company’s budget on chemical cleaning disinfectants. A good option is to book a service appointment wherein the UV Care team can facilitate the sterilization, Service fee starts at Php2,500 per 100 sqm for two hours. Usually it only takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour per room to kill 99.9% of all the organisms and all traces of their growth.
Some clients who benefited from UV Care products
There is also the Portable Germ Zapper, a miniature version of the room sterilizer that can sterilize an effective range of 15 sqm.
For those who love to travel, UV Care offers portable sterilizers as a perfect companion, ranging from Pocket Sterilizers to Ultra and Deluxe Germ Terminator.
The Multi-Purpose Sterilizeron the other hand, is perfect for household sterilizing needs especially baby bottles, bottle nipples, breast pumps, pacifiers, toys and other children’s items.  This is the right investment for on-the-go moms that juggle the responsibilities of caring for the baby, doing chores, and working. Using the Multi-Purpose Sterilizer will cut their preparation time, eliminating the extra step of drying and can also serve as a sanitized storage—since UV Care doesn’t use moisture or extensive heat, it can disinfect other household items like utensils, cutlery, plates and even electronic devices like mobile phones and remote controls.
There are even Family Toothbrush Sterilizers and Personal Travel Toothbrush Sterilizer to protect you from using dirty and infected toothbrushes.

Certified safe, effective and 100% chemical free
UV Care products have undergone third party laboratory tests to ensure its quality and effectiveness. They are tested and certified by Intertek Philippines and the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center Manila to be safe and effective, and unlike conventional bottled spray or liquid disinfectants that contain toxins and pollutants to humans and the environment, UV Care is 100% chemical free. Movie Cinemas at Powerplant Mall, Philippine Montessori School, CCF are just some clients who benefited from UV Care Sterilizers.    

To learn more visit and like UV Care on Facebook. To request a demo, or purchase a product or for inquiries on how to be a retailer, you may contact 0977-822-8556 or 904-0366, or

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