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New Forever Love: Sweet-Spicy BBQ Burger Steak

Jollibee’s new Sweet-Spicy BBQ Burger Steak is the perfect combination of sweet spicy goodness found in your forever favorite Jollibee Burger Steak.

Jollibee, the Philippines' number one fast-food brand, recently announced the latest innovation to their best-tasting Burger Steak: JaDine's newest favorite, the Sweet-Spicy BBQ Burger Steak. A flavorful twist to the classic Burger Steak, this new offering boasts of a special barbecue sauce and sweet corn kernels generously poured on top of Burger Steak patty made with100% pure beef and a serving of steamed white rice. Every bite creates a delightful combination of sweetness, spice, and interesting texture that Pinoys will surely fall in love with.

James and Nadine previously starred in the fast-food chain’s “Taste Forever Love” ad campaign, where they shared the kilig of savoring their forever favorite Jollibee Burger Steak with the whole nation. With the Sweet-Spicy BBQ Burger Steak, the two young stars are thrilled to discover something new in a product they have always loved.

The original Jollibee Burger Steak, first introduced in the late 1990s, captured the palates of Pinoys because of its unforgettable flavor and great value-for-money. With a patty made with 100% pure beef and a generous serving of gravy with real mushroom slices, the Burger Steak makes for a perfect langhap-sarap meal when paired with a serving of rice.

“The Sweet-Spicy BBQ Burger Steak is just one of the many innovations we are rolling out for 2016,” said Francis E. Flores, Jollibee Chief Global Marketing Officer and Philippine Head of Marketing. “The perfect balance of sweetness and spice, combined with the different textures of corn, perfectly cooked beef patty, and rice, creates an exciting new experience that captivated the hearts and taste buds of James and Nadine. If you’re a Burger Steak fan, you’ll definitely fall in love also with this flavor-packed new variety.”

A new TV commercial starring JaDine and the all-new Sweet-Spicy BBQ Burger Steak premiered last Sunday, July 17, 2016. Watch the new commercial on Jollibee’s YouTube channel or Facebook page by clicking through the video below:

JaDine’s new Forever Love, the Sweet-Spicy BBQ Burger Steak, is available for dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, and delivery starting July 15, 2016 in all Jollibee stores for only P50 for the 1-pc solo variant, P55 with regular drink, and P80 for the 2-pc solo variant, P85 with regular drink.

The Three Realities of ZOOM

The Three Realities of ZOOM

From the crazy mind of Pedro Morelli, written for the screen by Matt Hansen, and produced by Niv Fichman, these three creative geniuses collaborated to create the distinct universes of ZOOM. Hansen explains that “originally, the film was similar to INCEPTION in that it started with one reality point and went further into one’s consciousness. This changed when I suggested that we do the film Escher staircase style where we would have different worlds affecting one another. Conceptually, this idea sounded really cool, but we soon realized that realistically the idea was fairly complicated. We then decided cut the film down to three stories, which led us to create ZOOM.”

Emma The Cartoonist
Emma works in a factory that makes love dolls. But when she looks in the mirror, Emma tends to compare herself to the dolls and becomes dissatisfied with her own flawed body. And so, she decides to invest her savings in breast implant surgery. The surgery endows Emma with enormous breasts, just like the dolls. But she has a hard time getting used to their presence and begins to feel like a stranger in her own body. Emma questions her decision and ultimately tries to get the implants removed. Unfortunately, she doesn't have enough money left for the surgical reversal.

“The thing about Emma is that a lot of people know a girl like this,” says writer Matt Hansen. “She’s nerdy but not in a pejorative kind of way. She’s caught up in this society of perfect appearances, but unable to see her own inner beauty.” Emma’s inner beauty captivated producer Niv Fichman as well. “Emma is someone who I would love to meet,” says Fichman.“She’s a secret artist, she draws really well. I feel sorry for her because she has this problem where she is not as confident as she looks and wants to be augmented. But this unrealistic image of beauty is something society has imposed on all of us and that is one of the main themes of the film.”

In her free time, Emma likes to draw cartoons and creates a comic book about the life of a filmmaker named Edward.

Edward The Filmmaker
Edward is designed by Emma to be the perfect man. Charming, handsome and sexy, he is a successful action film director. Immersed in a world of fame, fortune and vanity, he craves to be recognized for his artistic sensibility. Edward's problems begin when his penis dramatically shrinks overnight - the result of a derisive practical joke by his creator Emma, who holds his destiny in her hands. This sudden and senseless mutation leaves Edward in despair.

The character of Edward is far too familiar to those in the film industry. “Edward’s a caricature of a variety of directors in movies that both Niv and I have come across over the years, in that he’s a commercial guy who is trying to make something meaningful or arty,” says Hansen. “He’s a parody of that type of filmmaker, the process of making a film as well as having various people influencing the work, for better or worse.”

Edward's latest project is a movie about a successful Brazilian fashion model who strives to be a novelist.

Michelle The Novelist
Michelle is a Brazilian fashion model living in Toronto. She dreams of becoming a novelist despite the discouragement of her manager (and boyfriend) Dale. But when Michelle shows an incomplete manuscript to a respected publisher, he thinks it has great potential and encourages her to complete it. In order to concentrate on finishing the book, Michelle escapes to Brazil so she can focus exclusively on her work.

Michelle’s character was created around the concept that one should not judge a book by its cover. “Michelle is that kind of girl who people think is just beautiful,” says Hansen. “She has all these advantages in life: she goes to the front of the line; she can get what average people can’t and she sees the benefits and disadvantages to that---one of them being that she is not taken seriously as a writer because she’s only seen as beautiful.”

Throughout her story, Michelle is writing a book about Emma, an insecure woman who works in a factory that makes love dolls.

And this closes the circle between the three realities of ZOOM.


 Business Innovations Gateway, Inc. (BIG) had its grand launch last July 26, 2016 at BSpot, Eton Cyberpod Corinthian, Ortigas Avenue cor. EDSA with the theme, “Helping you grow BIG!” Cutting the ribbon are Hon. Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, Dir. Rhodora LeaƱo of DTI’s Bureau of Domestic Trade, Ms Beth Manuel representing Mr. Nestor Palabyab of DTI’s PTTC, Mr. William Yap, president of the Chinese Filipino Business Club and Ms. Levi Ang of various women’s group, Inner Wheel Club Manila Bay EDSA, Zonta and Fil-Chi Women. More than a hundred guests came, including members and officers of the Solo Parents of Quezon City, entrepreneurs, friends and members of the media, who believe in BIG’s advocacies.
During the event three major advocacies of BIG were launched. First was the BIG WIN Club – an advocacy to help Solo Parents have a happier and healthier life through a direct selling distribution opportunity for Solo Parents initially in Quezon City and eventually in other parts of the country.
Second, BSpot Co-Working Space or simply BSpot was officially opened to the public today. BSpot is a cheaper alternative venue for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like virtual assistants, mobile office workers, technopreneurs. BSpot can be the new meet up place as well as the new learning/activity area. It’s simply your place away from home. BSpot is strategically located and accessible via EDSA and via Ortigas and offers competitive hourly or monthly membership rates that are friendly for start-ups and mobile entrepreneurs who meet in more expensive Veggie Juice.
Finally, BIG launches its advocacy for farmers, the BIG Harvest Organic Fertilizer. BIG believes that the Philippines can be the “organic” food basket of Asia. We have sufficient land and resources, however much of our land has been damaged by chemical fertilizers which have ill effects to the soil and water table. With BIG Harvest Organic Fertilizer, not only would farmers be able to restore the richness of the soils’ nutrients, they would also achieve bigger and better harvests, which BIG uses in its Gusto juice.
With the theme, “Helping you Grow BIG”, Business Innovations Gateway, Inc. reaches out to Solo Parents, Technopreneurs and Farmers with the hope of helping them grow big through products and services that create value for these sectors and ultimately BIGGER or greater value for the whole country.
For inquiries on any of their products and services, you may contact, Ms. Betty Dante Aw, President of Business Innovations Gateway at 661-4823 at 3rd floor, Pearl Plaza Building, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. You may also visit their website and like their FB pages, /GUSTOjuice, and /bspotph.

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